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  As a leading partner in the wholesale of food and other products, Aphrodite has mastered multiple domains ranging from ship chandlery to both border and seaport Duty-Free shops.
While we aim to think on a global scale we can still easily adjust to local conditions and requirements.
We are known for our commitment, dedication and, most importantly, our best prices.
This success has allowed us to expand to remote areas of the globe allowing us to reach new and previously untouched markets.
This 28-year growth has allowed Aphrodite to perfect its mission to bring you reliable services and expertise anywhere in the world.
Our size and diverse product availability would not have been possible without the support of our clients.
This is why we strive to continuously improve our customer satisfaction by investing on our top-quality team comprised of the most skilled professionals.
In a gist our mission is simple; to combine top level service with constant innovation.




  The foundations for Aphrodite were laid in 1985 with the construction of a solid infrastructure in multiple northern and western African countries.
In 1994 we began to deal in the travel retail sector with the opening of multiple Duty-Free shops and warehouses at airports, seaports and other border crossings.
With our dedication and expertise, we have managed to expand our reach and became the sole agent of multiple well-known brands in the Northern and Western countries of Africa by the late 1980s.
In Beirut, we supply a vast range of the best- selling brands from tobacco, spirits, electronics, lighters, confectionery sweets and souvenirs among other products. Our market being compromised of ship chandlers, UN military forces, embassies as well as passengers transiting at Beirut sea port.
Today, with years of experience, we are ready to accommodate for a changing market and can work with our clients to diversify our products.
As we strive with our competitive edge, we are ready to meet our customers’ demands and are always looking to expand our product portfolio.


• Cigarettes & Cigars
• Wine, Beer and Spirits
• Soft Drinks
• Confectionery Sweets
• Perfumes and Cosmetics
• Luxury Consumer Goods
• High End Electronics and Collectables


Expect this assortment to grow with various new products as our network around the globe expands.

Our success is a reflection of the work quality that our team has presented in the last few years. We would not be here today if not for our goal-oriented teamwork that places the client first allowing you to receive the best deals regularly.